Monday, 20 March 2017

History in the making...

Dr Ftse and British Piglet (BritPig for short) have been getting aquainted! And thanks to the wizardry of mobile phones, I've managed to catch the moment for posterity. The fact that it took an inordinate amount of time for me to work out how to get the image from my iPhone to this page of Napple Notes, is quite another story...

My recent acquisition of No:1 daughter's old iPhone4, has propelled me into the world of Whatsapp, and is forcing my brain into top gear as I struggle to understand its quirks, whilst appreciating its potential.

With a growing clan of Jinksy relatives in New Zealand, Whatsapp is an ideal link-line. But within the past week or so BritPig had the temerity to ask whether he could join the party which the Jinksy Clans were holding, and he sent them this Picture of Introduction...
As you can see, BritPig has an inquiring mind and a penchant for unusual friends, like this recently hatched dragon's egg youngling. While Dr Ftse is in no way a recently hatched anything, BritPig felt the need to get a better view of his whiskers and was even brave enough to hold out the hand of friendship, once he realised that a Ftse is not as scary as a Heffalump...


  1. BritPig's adoption of a striped bathing costume and muffler as day wear is evidence enough of an independent nature . A rapidly widening social circle will naturally follow ... I believe it's called the David Bowie Effect .

    1. Erm...Sorry, I have no idea of a 'David Bowie' Effect - though A A Milne has much to answer for in the illustrations which accompanied all the original Pooh and Piglet stories. His Piglet also sported stripes around his body...

  2. I must confess that I've never heard of Whatsapp!
    I can do a few more things on line now, though have a long way to go.
    Its a wonderful feeling when you get to do something that you thought impossible though.
    Maggie x

    1. That is a philosophy with which Piglet agrees, as he tends to think everything impossible until he bravely tries again! LOL


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