Monday, 9 January 2017

New thoughts on old subjects, perhaps....

Yes, I know there has been a gap of monumental proportions, while the World of Jinksy spun on in its accustomed, every decreasing circles, but here I am, pounding the keys again. I've spent the afternoon scribbling away, thanks to something that caught my eye as I watched an episode of an Australian drama - 'A Place To Call Home'...
Sometimes the tiniest thing can spur one into action. Maybe 2017 will be a year when I get spurred more often, who knows?! Anyhow, may all my Blogpals have a good year ahead of them :-) ♥


Flowers in a vase, briefly shown on screen
during some old television drama,
catapult  Gran's image into focus...
She once told me they were her favourites.

I see again her thin, grey hair, drawn back
in a tight knot, pinned with difficulty
by arthritic fingers shaped by hard work,
her left, ring-finger permanently bent.

I experience a tight knot of loss
as present tears blur my vision of then,
while the warm, dusky scent of mimosa
spirals its fragrant ghosts in my nostrils.


  1. Nothing like the smell of Mimosa! I really love it.
    There's a saying..... *never look back* but I know that's not easy.

    Hoping the year ahead is filled with good things.
    (I'm learning to live in my ever decreasing world too) Not easy!
    Maggie x

  2. It wasn't looking back,Maggie, so much as being thrown back by that image! Gran died when I was nineteen, and has been a 'comfortable'memory over the past fifty seven years. But that mimosa in a vase had a strange effect...

  3. Hello MDF Jinksy, so nice to hear from you.

  4. Hugs to you, Jinksy.. I do hope the year ahead is a great one for you. :)

    1. I think future readers need to be aware that the original post which elicited your kind comment, Hilary, was written in January, and now it's February a certain RWP (see below) has taken it to mean I'me already embarking on the Good Ship Seventy Six!Hehehe...

  5. Happy birthday, Jinksy. Bet you thought no one would remember. Mine is coming up next month.

    1. Well, methinks you're getting ahead of yourself, RWP...nobody is eager to get old before their time - even by twenty four days!!! lol


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